In Bangkok I succumbed to jet lag and chose to rather sleep than reflect on all I had seen and done there. However, after some rest and relaxation on the beaches of Ko Phi Phi, as well as finally getting over the jet lag, I decided I wanted a means to digest and share all the experiences I am having while traveling in South East Asia!
After only a week traveling I am amazed with how much I have already seen and experienced! Bangkok was the official start of this journey! My expectation of Bangkok was that it was going to be a hectic, fast paced and overwhelming experience that I would not particularly enjoy. Even though at times I felt like my senses were being overloaded by all that was happening around me while in Bangkok I actually found myself enjoying the city because of how different it was from other cities I have been to. The biggest difference that I was struck by is how much activity happened in the streets. The street markets were massive! You could conceivably find anything you need in these markets. Also, the markets seemed to be themed. There were food markets, appliance markets and clothes markets. There was even a market specifically focused on Buddah necklace pendants! Hours were spent wandering through these markets staring at all the unfamiliar sights, smells and sounds!
Though it is loud, the city has some parts where one can find a more peaceful setting. The temples were my personal favorites to explore, not only because I am fascinated by ancient architecture but also because they were relatively quiet compared to the cacophony outside their walls. We visited Wat Pho and Wat Arun during our stay. Wat Pho was beautiful! Words can’t really describe it so I will let my photos speak to that experience. Wat Arun was also beautiful but what was really great about it was that you were able to scale it’s absurdly steep steps. From the top you get an amazing view of the river and downtown Bangkok in the distance.
After three days in the city we took an overnight bus, an experience in of itself, to Ko Phi Phi.











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