We left the hustle and bustle of Ko Phi Phi for Railay, a supposedly much calmer and tamer scene. When we arrived by long tail boat we happily found that Railay was like a sleepy little town compared to Ko Phi Phi. We ended up getting lucky and finding a nice secluded bungalow to stay in up the hill from the main waterfront. After getting settled we decided to go grab some food at a very local feeling restauraunt. We ended up running into an Israeli girl named Gal that we recognized from the boat. It was really great chatting with her about her home as I had never met an Israeli before. She also had a lot of stories to share about her travels as she had been already traveling for a couple of months. During our dinner a thunderstorm moved in bringing with it rain and pretty substantial winds and the power actually went out at the restaurant! Without flinching, and as if this was a normal occurrence, candles were brought to our table and suddenly we had a nice candlelit atmosphere. Some kids next to us who were playing with the candles reminded me of when I was little and got so excited whenever the power went out at home! I was able to capture this photo, which pretty much sums up their excitement I think!


Our second day on Railay we were able to start exploring! Railay is truly a magnificent place and a total brain overload for someone like myself who loves looking at rocks. Though Railay is technically part of the mainland it feels like an island because it is cut off by massive limestone cliffs. These cliffs are weathered in very precarious ways and littered with awesome looking tuffas!


One of my favorite things about Railay was the close proximity of


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