Inle Lake

Kevin and I ended up staying 3 days in Inle Lake. For the first day we were convinced to by the German we met on the train to rent a boat for the day to tour around the lake. Usually a touristy thing like this wouldn’t be on our hit list but it turned out to be a cheap and exciting way to see much of the area that could only be accessed by boat.
The boat tour took pretty much all day. For a lot if it we were ferried around to different people selling various wares, again very touristy. I wasn’t into a lot of what we were shuttled too except for a few craft places. My favorites were the weavers, that were busy making silk and lotus cloth and the local blacksmith. The boat ride gave us a front row seat to the beauty of Inle Lake and for the equivalent of $2 I recommend it to anyone coming to the area!
It seems like our trip to Inle was heavily influenced by those we met on the way their. For day number two a Frenchman that we had also met on the train suggested we cook a meal. Kevin and I were both very into the idea of some good ol’ French home cooking! We rented bikes and headed for the local market, a 7km ride out of town along the edge of the lake. Their we stocked up in al sorts of veggies, said bye to our German friend and then decided to keep riding around the lake. We ended up hearing about a winery across the lake and their was a Frenchman in our midst so naturally we had to go. Plus, wine would make for a tasty stew later! The journey to the winery turned out to be an arduous one and the wine as palatable as one would expect but I felt a since of accomplishment as we ride away with a bottle even though we were all dehydrated and probably a little case of heat exhaustion.
The Frenchman turned out to be a professional chef and it was amazing to watch him work. He ended up making a beef stew which was out of this world. I think the best art of it was that we had collected all of the ingredients from local markets or businesses that we had physically ride to by bike that day!









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