Siem Reap Cambodia

The journey from Myanmar to Cambodia felt more like a marathon of doing nothing when in reality we were going to be flying into and out of three countries that day. As a tip never plan for a 9 hour layover, it’s boring and airport food is expensive and nasty! I was way too close to eating some McDonald’s gold!
We are currently in the latter end of our visit to Siem Reap, the booming little town in Cambodia known around the world as the place to stay whilst you explore the nearby Angkor Wat. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves on this one, but overall it was not one if my favorite places so far. The shift from Myanmar, which was very genuine and not very touristy, to Siem Reap where there is literally a hostel or hotel every 5 feet, has been tiring to say the least. The temples were fun to explore though and are built in a really cool style. The heat and our laziness, as well as the daily $20 entrance fee, kept us from walking through every major temple but we rented bikes for a day and bopped around exploring the sites and finding some hidden gems!

The amount of detail on the walls of Angkor Wat was staggering. This wall was covered with what looked to be a scene from a battle.



I get no weapons or video equipment but why am I not allowed to vomit if I need too or bring along my trusty fork and spoon!


Kevin doing some explorin’


I was far too lazy to get a better version of the classic Angkor Wat reflection shot and there was a horde of people right in the sweet spot to get the shot…


Kevin pondering the ruins


Apparently that was the place to watch the sunrise at…no thanks!




The mansions of L.A. got nothing on this staircase!


Kevin being all cute in a windowsill n’ stuff


Bayon Temple. Honestly I thought it was way cooler than the reputable Angkor Wat. Look at those Buddahs! Makes you feel like you are in an Indiana Jones movie.


More Indiana Jonesy places to explore!

Tomorrow we are going to try and hitch to a town called Battambang. We here there are some rad coconuts and that is neat. What more reason do we need?


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